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Jacob Christoffersen
Award-winning Danish jazz pianist and composer 

Jacob Christoffersen (born March 31, 1967 in Copenhagen) is a Danish jazz pianist and composer.  He attended music school at the age of 9, and began his professional career at 13. He performed with his own band, feat. violinist Kristian Jørgensen, in small jazz clubs and on festivals moving on to radio and national TV. As a young jazz musician he caught a lot of attention nationwide due to his 'mature' way of playing, and at the age of 17 he received his first jazz award 'Sørens Penge' for his outstanding playing and musicianship.

Jacob moved to Copenhagen to be a part of the vibrant music scene, playing mostly jazz, but gradually also going in the direction of pop, gospel, and especially funk. He joined the popular Danish group Ridin' Thumb, and co-founded various of other bands - for instance with saxofonist, Christina Nielsen (today known as Christina Dahl). In the following years he toured and recorded with numerous of musicians - not to mention Fred Wesley and James Moody. From mid 1990´s he was a member of saxophonist Hans Ulrik's band, as well as saxophonist Lars Møller Group. Both groups received Danish Music Awards (Grammys), and they toured extensively all over the world (China, Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Numea, Russia, Scandinavia, Europe, and USA). From 1990-2005 he was a member of singer, Majbritte Ulrikkeholm's various groups, and they recorded several albums. Being the pianist, keyboardist, bandleader, and co–composer, he positioned himself as an important player on the Danish Pop/Gospel scene.

​In 1999 Jacob formed his own jazz band with original material, developing his own unique sound and musical ideas. The outcome is four jazz recordings as well as massive touring allover Europe. From 1999-2014 he got appointed Associate Professor at The Rhythmic Conservatory in Copenhagen. In the same period of time he collaborated with the internationally acclaimed and renowned bassplayer Chris Minh Doky - recording and touring throughout Europe and Asia. 


In 2001 he joined the Danish, iconic band Shu-bi-dua, playing various instruments (piano, keys, guitar, accordion, saxophone etc.), and for the next decade he played around 600 concerts with this band, often in front of huge audiences. Shu-bi-dua sold over 7 million records - only in Denmark.

​Since 2008 he has been the pianist of the internationally acclaimed jazz singer Sinne Eeg. He has been recording and touring with her ever since – featuring on four of her albums and playing over 300 concerts worldwide as well as receiving two Danish Music Awards (Grammys). ​


From 2010 up till today Jacob has been associated with the renowned, legendary Copenhagen jazz club 'Jazzhus Montmartre'. He leads and participates in different groups and musical constellations starring numerous internationally acclaimed jazz musicians such as: Jeff 'Tain' Watts, Terry Linn Carrington, Peter Erskine, Till Brönner, Rodney Green, Warren Wolf, Nona Hendryx, Gregory Hutchinson, Lee Pearson, Kenny Washington and many more.

​In 2013 he received the prestigious award 'The Special Ben Webster Honorary Prize' in recognition for his outstanding achievements on the Danish jazz scene. Jacob most recent album 'We Want You' (Stunt Records, 2016) was very well received - nationally as well as internationally - and won the title 'Album of the Year 2017' in the Danish jazz magazine, Jazz Special.

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